Come to Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service in Lafayette, IN for a differential diagnosis. Our ASE-Certified mechanics have all of the equipment, knowledge and experience needed to quickly and accurately diagnose differential issues and other car repair needs. Issues with your vehicle’s differential aren’t always easy to diagnose. Most vehicles with differential issues come into our shop because the owner heard a howling or grinding of gears from under the vehicle, or maybe they felt a vibration while driving, or noticed fluid leaking after the vehicle has been sitting.

Many vehicle owners have never even heard of a differential, let alone know what it does. Basically, the differentials are a vital part of your vehicle that allows your wheels to rotate at different speeds. There are gears in the differential that must be lubricated properly in order to maintain proper function. Over time, the lubricating fluid in the differential can become oversaturated with metal shavings, causing the gears in the differential to wear out, this causes various symptoms that will ultimately keep your vehicle off the road.

The ASE-Certified mechanics at Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service are highly-skilled technicians familiar with differentials of all types. After 35 years of doing business in Lafayette, we have the experience and expertise to quickly perform a differential diagnosis and get it fixed so you can get back on the road and back to your life.

Everyone here at Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service is committed to our customers. From the friendliness of our staff and the integrity of our auto mechanics, to the cleanliness of our office, we take pride in our work. This is what makes Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service the top-choice for car repair in Lafayette, IN.

If you’re experiencing potential issues with your differential, schedule an appointment online , call us, or stop by.You can find Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service at 3742 State Rd 38 East Lafayette, IN 47905.

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