What Makes a Good Mechanic?

At Guaranteed Automotive, we are constantly working to ensure that our customers enjoy the very highest level of customer service possible. However, customer service is just the beginning and encompasses a number of areas. Today, we’d like to discuss the very heart and soul of our shop: Our auto mechanics! 

Good training
Our auto mechanics have a thorough understanding of all aspects of auto repair. They’ve done the requisite time to complete basic certifications. They also continue to further their understanding of excellent auto repair by continuing education. And, they learn on the job every day!

Attention to detail
A really good auto mechanic has superior attention to detail. They work hard to get the repairs done in a timely fashion, but work just as hard to notice every aspect of your particular vehicle. Does it have a tendency to pull to one direction or the other? Does it seem to run through oil faster than would be normal? All of these details can be observed during regular auto repair maintenances, and the more often you bring your car in for routine maintenances, the better we can understand it. 

Excellent communication skills 
At Guaranteed, we make communication with the customer a high priority. We will not do repairs on your vehicle without checking with you. We will not upsell you. We believe that being a good mechanic is more than just repairing cars. It also lies in the ability to communicate exactly what is being done to the car, and why. Explaining these things helps customers feel more comfortable. 

We work to hire, keep, and continue to train the very best auto mechanics possible, and we pride ourselves on our work! Schedule your appointment with us today. 


Auto Repair
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