Spring Cleaning for your Vehicle

Let’s shake off that winter chill with some spring cleaning! This term is not solely meant for your home, but it can be applied to your vehicle, both inside and out. The team at Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission wants your car to be ready for both spring and summer, and that all starts with a little spring cleaning. 

Here a few areas that need attention after winter: 

  1. Tires: Winter can affect the air in your tires, causing them both to expand and contract, which will, in turn, change the air pressure. Once the weather begins to warm up, it is essential to examine the air pressure to ensure it is at the appropriate levels. It may also be a good idea to rotate your tires to ensure there hasn’t been any damage from the snow or road salt. 
  2. Fluids: The colder temperatures of winter tend to put a little extra stress on your engine, which means now is the perfect time to ensure each fluid in your engine is the right level. At Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission, we will examine each fluid in your car, from brake fluid to windshield wiper fluid. Each fluid plays an integral part in your vehicle, so our team won’t cut any corners. 
  3. Undercarriage: Have you ever heard of the term rust bucket? You may have heard of it, but we don’t want you to be calling your car that, and after a season in winter weather, the undercarriage of your vehicle will require an inspection. There are many moving parts in the undercarriage of your car, and our team will look for any potential issues, ensuring the undercarriage is well-lubricated and free of rust. 

Our cars worked extra hard during the winter months, and with spring upon us, it is the perfect time to bring your vehicle to Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service for a little spring cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for an inspection. 


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