How To Know It’s Time For A New Car

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How To Know It’s Time For A New Car

The best big purchases are well thought out and prepared for. However, so many of us buy a new vehicle during a crisis–like when our primary vehicle breaks down. However, now is the right time to consider whether a new vehicle is in your future. Yes, holiday expenses are approaching, which is why right now is great for planning! Below, we’ll list the top reasons to expect a new car in the new year.

Constant Breakdowns

Breakdowns are a significant cause of stress. If you constantly have to take your car in for repairs, or if it's the same part breaking down repeatedly, that's a sign that your car isn't taking care of you as well as you'd like.

If you had more than one breakdown per month, that could indicate that it's time for a new ride!

High Expenses

If you're experiencing any of the following, you might need a new car:

  • High maintenance costs. If your vehicle's engine light is on more than once a month and/or it needs frequent oil changes, it may be time to consider replacing your car before it breaks down completely.
  • High repair costs. If your vehicle costs $8,000 or more per year in repairs and maintenance, then it's probably best that you look at some other options.
  • High fuel costs. If gas prices are eating into your budget—and we mean more so than everyone else’s—then eliminating or replacing an inefficient model could help save money on transportation expenses. 

Now, if these costs are all few and far between, that’s a different story. Everyone’s budget is different, too! However, if you have a gut feeling your expenses would be lesser with a newer vehicle, pursue some research. 

Outdated Safety Features 

If a feature is no longer available on the newest models, it’s time to upgrade. For example, if your car has an old-fashioned manual transmission that isn't compatible with modern technology like automatic braking, you may be at risk, as well as other drivers. 

Visit Us At Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service! 

If you think your vehicle is on its last leg and it continues spending more time in the shop than on the road, it might be time for something new. Getting a new car doesn’t mean you have to break the bank—we want everyone to be able to enjoy driving without having their wallets drained by repairs or other expenses, and that’s fair! Here at Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission, we can do our best to give your our expert opinion on how your vehicle is doing and what you can expect. 


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