How To Decorate Your Car For Halloween

Photo by John Benitez on Unsplash

When it comes to decorating your car for Halloween, there are a lot of ways to get creative! There are so many options for choosing how you want your car to look on Halloween night! You can make your own decorations or buy them from a store. 

Removable Stickers

If you're looking for a way to easily decorate your car this Halloween, look no further than removable window stickers. You can make or buy some awesome window stickers that catch people's attention while driving. Make sure that whatever sticker you choose doesn't get in the way when it comes time to drive–the back passenger seats are a perfect place to put them. The bonus is that your kids may have fun playing with them as you drive!

Go The Trunk-or-Treat Route

Trunk or treat is the safest time to decorate your car because you'll be parked and don't have to worry about things falling off or getting in your line of vision. Here are some tips for creating the best trunk or treat car:

  • Choose a theme. If your neighborhood already has a theme, go with that—it makes it easier for neighbors to recognize your car. If not, consider something like "Spooky Party Time" or "Monster Mash."
  • Make sure your decorations are safe for trick-or-treaters. You don't want them to trip and fall on anything and get hurt!
  • Decorate the inside of your vehicle as well as the outside so that everyone gets the full effect of your unique creativity!
  • Look on websites like Pinterest for ideas. There are many creative trunk-or-treats; you don't have to reinvent the wheel! 

Trunk or treats will give you the opportunity to show off your car without endangering your passengers!

Safety First

Since we're on the subject of cars, let's talk about something essential–car safety on Halloween! Remember a few safety precautions when decorating your car to ensure you and your passengers have a safe Halloween. 


Outside of that, Halloween can be a dangerous time for driving. If you're headed to a different neighborhood, don't forget the basic safety items. For example, ensure everyone wears seat belts at all times, and if you have children with you, use a car seat. If their costumes are big and bulky, think about this before getting in the car. It may be best to change at your location.

For the trick-or-treaters, remember to have your kids wear something reflective and to go with them on their adventure. Sometimes kids can get so excited about candy that they forget to look both ways! 


Also, never drink and drive! Halloween parties are all good and fun, but getting in the car after a few drinks is dangerous. Use a designated driver or ride-share service. 


Get Your Vehicle Maintenance Before The Holiday

The great thing about Halloween is that it's a fun holiday that everyone can enjoy. That includes kids and grownups alike! Feel free to bring any and all vehicles to us at Guaranteed Automotive and Transmission Services! Bring your car to Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service, and we will ensure you get your vehicle fixed for you! Our dedicated team of ASE-Certified Auto Technicians combines their decades of experience in the industry to deliver the best service around. Visit our website and schedule an appointment to have your vehicle serviced. And look for us on Facebook!


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