How Often Should You Inspect Your Car’s Fluids and Tire Pressure?


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How often you should inspect your car fluids and tire pressure

You must keep your vehicle’s fluids and tire pressure in good condition. Your car fluids enable different vehicle systems to run smoothly and at maximum performance. On the other hand, it is essential to keep your vehicle’s tires in perfect condition as it allows you to stop and prevent an accident on the road. 


Regular vehicle maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly and running for years. Keeping your car’s fluids and tire pressure will prevent your vehicle from having a breakdown. This month’s blog will share tips on how often you should inspect your car fluids and tire pressure. 

How often should I check my car’s fluids? 

Your vehicle depends on different fluids that allow it to work correctly while driving. It is recommended to inspect your vehicle fluids once each month to ensure fluids are clean and at a sufficient level. Adding this task to your regular maintenance can significantly benefit your vehicle. Some of the car’s fluids that you should consider inspecting include:  

  • Brake fluids 

  • Engine oil 

  • Transmission fluid 

  • Power steering fluid 

  • Coolant 

  • Windshield wiper fluid 

  • Power steering fluid 

How often should I check my car’s tire pressure?  

Just as everyone knows how to determine if their vehicle is running low on gas, they should also consider checking how much tire pressure their car has. Tire pressure is often overlooked, but proper inflation is key to extending the life of your vehicle and your tires. Every time you need to use your vehicle, think about your vehicle’s tires as their feet. To walk correctly, you need proper shoes; in this case, your car needs to have the appropriate air on its tires.


Regular fluid and tire pressure checks are super helpful to keep your vehicle last longer. If you’re struggling with changing any of your vehicle’s oil or checking your tire pressure, don’t wait any longer and visit our expert auto mechanics. 


Our dedicated team of ASE-Certified Auto Technicians at Guaranteed Automotive and Transmission combines their decades of experience in the industry to deliver the best service around. Visit our website and schedule an appointment to have your vehicle serviced. And look for us on Facebook!


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