Here is an Easy-to-Follow Breakdown of What Goes On Under Your Hood

For many of us, our vehicle works like magic -- we place our key into the ignition and off we go, ready to start the day! However, a lot goes into getting your vehicle out of the road and moving. It may seem like magic, but it is mechanics, to be exact. A combination of your vehicle’s engine, fuel, and the air is what makes your car move, not magic, even though it certainly seems like it. The answer truly comes down to your car’s engine, regardless of the make or model of your vehicle. The team at Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission is here to break it down for you. 

Your engine is what we call an internal-combustion engine. Your engine converts energy from burning gasoline into mechanical work, or what we like to call torque. Your engine also has pistons -- these pistons move up and down in cylinders, which look like metal tubes. Think of the pistons like a bicycle. When you are riding a bicycle, your legs are moving up and down to turn those pedals. These pistons are connected with the help of rods, which you can think of as like your shins. The pistons, by moving up and down, spin the engine’s crankshaft, very similar to the way your legs spin the bike’s wheels. 

Where are these pistons getting all this power? There are thousands of small, but mighty controlled explosions happening every second, created when fuel mixes with oxygen in your engine. During your pistons’ cycle, these hot gases will push your piston downward, and this is what will get your vehicle’s wheels rolling. When the stroke reaches the bottom dead center, the exhaust valves in your engine open, and the combustion gases will be expelled out of your engine. When the exhaust is expelled, it will go through your vehicle’s exhaust system before finally exiting from the back of your car. Then the whole process starts again. 

No engine is created equal -- each engine essentially works the same way, but they can come in different shapes and sizes, such as a V-6 or V-8 engine. If you are starting to get lost, don’t worry; the team at Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service understands how your engine works, so you don’t have to stress about the nuts and bolts, no pun intended, of what goes on underneath your hood. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, and our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have! 


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