Difference Between Cabin Air Filters and Engine Air Filters

Most modern vehicles have both a cabin air filter and an engine air filter. Both of these filters keep contaminants out of critical systems in your vehicle, but the similarities stop there. Your engine air filter and cabin air filter protect two very different systems in your vehicle. The Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service team is here to break it down for you and explain why it is essential to get these filters replaced during spring. 

Your engine air filter is located underneath your engine’s hood, usually near the front of your engine. It is responsible for keeping debris, dust, and other particles out of your engine. Your engine works in very confined spaces with high temperatures and fast speeds, and even the smallest amount of dirt or dust can wreak havoc within your engine, causing major components to break down. A clogged engine air filter can also lead to diminished performance, increased emissions, and poor fuel economy. 

Your cabin air filter is responsible for your comfort and safety! Instead of protecting your engine, your cabin air filter protects you and your passengers as your engine air filter does. You can think of your cabin air filter as a gateway between the outside elements, including dust, dirt, soot, pollen, and other contaminants from reaching the cabin. When you are driving in Lafayette, you want to breathe fresh, clean air. If you fail to change a worn or clogged cabin air filter, you might start to deal with musty smells, sneezes, and even headaches. 

Spring is known for the influx of pollen and other allergens, which means it is the perfect time to bring your vehicle to our shop, and our technicians can replace your cabin and engine air filter if needed. Schedule an appointment for an inspection, and our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have! 



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