Best Cars For Your College Student

Best Cars For Your College Student

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If you're a parent whose child is heading off to college, you've probably thought about what they'll need in terms of gear and supplies. But have you thought about the car they'll need to get around campus? Whether they’re headed to Purdue or somewhere a bit further, the vehicle they drive is an essential school supply. If your kid doesn't have a car yet or is selling their old one to find something more reliable, we have some great options for affordable vehicles that will last them through four years (and beyond). But first, let’s talk about how to look at cars for your student. 

Keep these things in mind when you are selecting a vehicle.

When choosing a new car for your student, you should keep a few things in mind. These include safety features, budget cars, and college students.


You should first know that you'll want to look for something with good safety ratings. You can do this by checking out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's list of Top Safety Picks or by visiting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website to search their rankings of vehicles by make and model.


Another essential factor to consider when choosing a car for your student is cost. Most students will be looking at entry-level models that won't break the bank but still offer excellent value compared to other options on the market today—and if they're looking at used cars, they may need some help deciding which one might be right for them based on how much mileage it has left before needing repairs (which could easily add up over time). 


This means taking into account things like depreciation costs versus buying brand new; maintenance costs associated with driving and parking off campus each day; as well as whether or not any features are available like air conditioning/heating systems which could also add up quickly depending on where exactly your school lives located. Make sure the payment and insurance are doable for your student, whether you’ll be assisting with the payments or not. 

Here are some of our favorite models. 

Your student will likely care a lot about style while you mull over how vital safety is, and that’s okay. Many listed vehicles hit the trifecta of affordable, safe, and relaxed. 

  • Honda Accord. The Honda Accord has an excellent crash rating and retains its value well over time. This is the perfect car for you if you’re looking for a vehicle that will last through your four years at school and beyond!
  • Mazda3. The Mazda3 is an excellent choice for college students who want to stay safe and budget-friendly. This car has been named one of the safest cars on the market by IIHS. It offers many safety features, including a rearview camera with guidelines, a lane departure warning system, and adaptive cruise control. 
  • Subaru Legacy. The Subaru Legacy is the most affordable car on this list, but that doesn't make it a wrong choice for your college student. Your college kid will appreciate the safety features and the excellent fuel economy of this midsize sedan, not to mention the Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto interface.
  • Hyundai Elantra GT. The Hyundai Elantra GT is an excellent choice for your college student. With its safety ratings and fuel economy, you can feel secure knowing that your student will be driving in a safe car. Plus, its value makes it affordable to maintain over the years. 
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid. The car has the safety and security of an SUV with the gas mileage of a hybrid. It's perfect for long-distance trips, but you can also drive it around town without feeling like you need to get a second job to maintain it (which is essential for your busy college student!). 
  • Kia Soul. The Kia Soul is an excellent choice for college students who want to take their first steps into car ownership. It's a budget car, and its safety features are some of the best on the market. 

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