The Hackers Are Coming! What You Can Do To Protect Your Vehicle

Our cars are becoming more and more like mobile computers, complete with infotainment systems, automated driver assistance, and keyless ignitions. Even though these features have many benefits, there are also downfalls, including hackers utilizing these features to gain access to your vehicle. 

The hackers may be coming, but there are several ways you can protect your vehicle. Take a look: 

  1. Make sure your software is updated. Just like how we need to make sure our mobile devices are updated regularly, we need to make sure our cars remain updated as well. 
  2. Keep in contact with your manufacturer for any news about any security updates or recalls. 
  3. Guard your WiFi password. It may be surprising to know that many people leave their passwords out in the open, such as in their glove compartments, center console, or cupholder. 
  4. When you aren’t using your WiFi or Bluetooth, make sure to turn it off. Hackers can exploit these connections, even when your vehicle is off. 
  5. Make sure you trust whatever USB device you connect to your vehicle. An infected USB can transmit harmful codes to your vehicle. 
  6. Keep your keys in your fridge. Yes, you read that correctly. Nowadays, many cars have keyless entries, which means you can unlock your vehicle if you have your key and are standing a few feet away. If you leave your key out in the open, a hacker can magnify the range of your fob. 

The technicians at Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service can ensure your vehicle’s software is update, so you can ward off any tricky hackers. Give us a call today to schedule 
an appointment for an inspection.


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