Fleet Repair in Lafayette, IN

Keeping You On the Road--Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service

Avoid Costly Repairs and Breakdowns!

At Guaranteed Transmission Service, our fleet program is the perfect choice for companies who need reliable and dependable service for their fleets. Our ASE Certified Technicians are experts in preventative maintenance and can help you keep your fleet services reliable. Our company provides quick estimates, and will notify you of any necessary repairs before performing them.

Time is Money–Efficient Service Plans

Here at Guaranteed Transmission Service, we are dedicated to maintaining the fleet vehicles your company relies on. What this mean is that we have the latest diagnostic tools to help pinpoint the problem and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our team is ready to help you make your fleet be the dependable source your customers can rely on. If you have any questions about a specific fleet service, please speak to one of our technicians.

Schedule Your Fleet Repairs Today

Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission Service is your fleet’s expert service destination. Your business can’t afford downtime for its fleet, so make sure you have our experts performing all preventative maintenance and repairs. Keep your fleet at full strength and avoid time-consuming and money-wasting repairs the stop your business’s productivity. This usually affects your profits as well. We’ll take care of that for you, so your business can stay productive and profitable. Give us a call today at 765-447-6012 to get your fleet on the correct service plan and schedule.